Payment Terms and Fees

The section provides information on the terms of legal services rendered to legal entities within the scope of the Subscriber Service Program.

Legal and other consulting services, rendered under the Subscriber Service Program, are charged for according to the Law Bureau’s fee schedule on the per hour basis.

Commuting time to the service venue (if services are rendered outside the RI-Consulting Law Bureau premises) is charged at 50% of the regular pre-set fee.

Under the normal circumstances and depending on the needs of a specific client, a legal services agreement stipulates the number of service hours per month to be prepaid at a reduced rate.
If some services were granted in excess of the prepaid hours, they shall be paid for pursuant to the fees set out in the Law Bureau’s fee schedule.

The clients of the Law Bureau served under the Subscriber Services Program are provided with a number of auxiliary services, which are not subject to rating and are delivered free of charge.