About the Bureau

The section provides information on the management and staff of the Law Bureau as well as puts some of our clients in the spotlight and displays feedbacks about our services.

Lawyers and legal experts with in-depth experience, capable of finding solutions to any legal issue, concerning legal entities or individuals, constitute the team of the consulting company – the Law Bureau.

A combination of extensive experience accumulated by our employees in the process of cooperation with the state institutions and their unparalleled negotiation skills in the entrepreneurship domain, allow our staff members to effectively settle disputes and achieve the best possible outcomes for the clients.

Diverse experience of the Bureau lawyers in application of the law helps them to effectively represent clients’ interests in cases heard in the arbitrazh, civil or criminal courts.

Adherence to the provision of Federal Law No.63 ‘On Advocacy and the Bar in the Russian Federation’, dd. 31.05.2003, guarantees confidentiality of the legal services delivered by the Bureau.

Use of time-proven legal technologies, adopted by RI-Consulting Law Bureau, backed by the knowledge of domestic business practices, ensures successful adaptation of foreign companies in the Russian Federation.

Our Mission

The Mission of RI-Consulting Law Bureau is to provide companies and individuals with the top-of-the-line legal services ranging from application of preventive measures to resolution of complex issues.

Our Principles:

Expertise – each Bureau employ is a qualified professional armed with academic knowledge and practical experience in his/her area of concentration.

Real-time service delivery – the Law Bureau operations are set up so, that clients’ orders are processed in a timely manner, critical situations are immediately addressed and the forecast results are achieved.

Confidentiality – guaranteed by the provisions of Art. 8 of Federal Law No. 63 ‘On Advocacy and the Bar in the Russian Federation’, dd. 31.05.2003, prohibiting questioning of lawyers on the circumstances revealed to them in the course of performance of their duties in the capacity of defense counsels or legal representatives, ensures commercial secrets of a company, disclosed in the course of provision of legal services, remain confidential.

Accountability – the lawyers of the Bureau try to defend client’s position even in the worst case scenarios and do that with great integrity. Managing partners are personally liable to the clients for each undertaking.